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Functions of the key:   
The key has too memories.   
Iambic key functions.   
It memorises a transmitted dot during dash and vice versa.
Saving a message:   
Keep pressed the long-term memory button until a dash is heard.
After that record the message and quickly press the memory button the recording is stopped.
Playing the message:   
Quickly press the button for the memory you need.
Stopping the message:   
During transmission the message may be stopped in two ways:
1. Quickly    press the memory buttons and
2. Touch dot or dash.
Repeat function:   
If the repeat switch is on and you hit some memory to play, the key begins to transmit the message and repeats it after a few seconds.   
If you want to stop the message, quickly hit the memory button or (dot or dash).
But if the repeat switch is still on, hit the play key again and the key will continue working with the repeat function.
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