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MSHV Set Up For FT8 DX Contest

FT8 DX Contest 2024 is scheduled for the weekend of April 6 - April 7, 2024.
Begins: 6-April-2024, 12:00 UTC
Ends:    7-April-2024, 12:00 UTC

Read here for full details and contest rules.
1. Before contest:
  • Go to Menu File and View Log.
  • Export all old QSOs in ADIF: On Log Menu, "Export All in ADIF".
  • Then select all QSOs and delete them, At the start of the contest the Log needs to be empty for proper text highlighting, if you have had QSO B4.
  • After the contest, no problem to return all QSOs back to log from Menu "Add ADIF To Log".
2. Go to Options Macros, set Activity Type to "FT8 DX Contest".
3. Manually type in the US State or Canadian Province in the "Exch:" box. If you are outside the USA and Canada, type DX in the box.
4. Go to Options "Radio And Network Configuration" in the table below, change default frequencies for FT8 for each band, or press button to set default frequencies for activity type.
FT8: ( 3.590-3.600, 7.090-7.100, 14.090-14.100, 21.090-21.100 and 28.090-28.100 )
5. After the contest, go to File "View Log", from Log Menu choose "Export In Cabrillo" function, set up Contest Name, Start and Stop contest date/time and other fields, then press OK and your log will be generated in "ExportLog" Directory.
All logs must be emailed by 14-April-2024 at 23:59 UTC in Cabrillo format to

Do not use "Multi Answering Auto Seq Protocol FT8/4". It does not contain the contest protocols.

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